VOX Mini3 G2 Kitaracombo


109.00 €

Tuotekoodi: MINI3-G2-CL

PÄIVITETTY: 6.8.2020


Pienikokoinen harjoituskaveri reissaavalle muusikolle. Sopii myös hyvin kotisoittoon.

Always on the move? With its lightweight design and incredible sound quality, the MINI3 G2 is the perfect grab and go amplifier. Powered by six AA batteries, or the included adapter, the MINI3 G2 is a great companion for long road trips or for bringing your music to the city streets. 11 authentic amp models and on-board 8 effects make this little amp a tremendously versatile tool, allowing you to explore any genre of music you can think of! With microphone and auxiliary inputs, you can accompany yourself on the mic or jam along to your favorite tracks.

++5" kaiutin
++Instrumentti-, mikrofoni- ja AUX-sisäänmenot
++Säädöt; Vol, Gain, Tone, Amp Mode, Effect select, Delay/Reverb select, Mic Trim, Mick Send, Tuner
++11 erilaista vahvistinmallinnusta


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