Lanikai UT-CO Viritysmittari


19.00 €

Tuotekoodi: UT-CO

PÄIVITETTY: 24.9.2022


Small clip-on tuner with a dedicated ukulele tuning function
Works for guitar, bass, ukulele, violin
Small dimensions and well readable back-lit display
Offered by the premier Lanikai ukulele brand
For home and stage use

Supports modes for ukulele, guitar, bass, violin and chromatic
Large, backlit, 2-color LCD display (green/red)
Small dimensions to fit into the ukulele gigbag/case or a shirt pocket (52 x 25 x 86 mm), weight 30g
Lanikai branded (black tuner with Lanikai blue stripe)
ROHS and CE certified no hazardous materials!
Tuning frequency selectable 430-450Hz
1x CR2032 Battery included


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