AQUILA 93U Shortbass-One Ukulelebasson kielisarja


49.00 €

Tuotekoodi: 93U

PÄIVITETTY: 24.9.2021


Yli 90€ tilauksille Suomessa.

All Shortbass-One models are using a new type of strings specifically designed by Aquila Corde Armoniche for this instrument: the red series. Red Series strings are basically a mixture of elastic plastic mixed with copper metal powder to make the sound rich and powerful. They are designed and manufactured at our headquarters in Vicenza - Italy

Key Features
A powerful sound, rich and warm, excellent sustain. The combination of ShortBass-One with these new strings produced a truly innovative sound with sonority very similar to the timbre of the double bass. There is nothing comparable with these strings on the market, either wound or in alternative materials.

They do not rotate and do not stick:
in the past the attempt of many companies by experimenting with new materials to produce alternative strings to traditional wound strings achieved poor results due to resistance of the material to the fingers, such as for silicone, or for annoying rotation of the string that makes extremely difficult to play.


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