BLADE PTE-1 Texas Player Series Black

399.00 €

Tuotekoodi: PTE-1RC/B

PÄIVITETTY: 20.5.2022


Yli 90€ tilauksille Suomessa.

Classic design with quality build ensures the Texas PTE-1 delivers great playability and tone in this timeless package. Canadian maple, rosewood and North American alder lay the foundation for wonderful classic tone. The single coils are built with Alnico V pole magnets and a fiber bobbin as they have been for over sixty years. We calibrated our pickups for even response from the bridge to neck positions. You won't find tone absorbing die cast saddles on a Player Series tremolo - only original steel spring saddles are good enough to carry the Blade name. The 16:1 ratio tuners make sure you can tune with ease and accuracy and the adjustable string guide guarantees perfect tension at the nut for great attack and sustain. What are you waiting for?

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