SCHALLER Ghost Super Bridge Tune-O-Matic GOLD


50.00 €
129.00 €

Tuotekoodi: PN-8800-G0

PÄIVITETTY: 20.2.2020



This ghost® Schaller bridge assembly is one of many components in our ghost modular pickup system which lets you access MIDI and acoustic capability with your favorite electric guitar. This bridge is loaded with ghost acoustic pickups that work with the Hexpander, or the Acousti-Phonic. If you're looking to get both modules, they're available together in our ghost Kits.
Pickup Saddles and Bridge Assemblies are different for every type of guitar, so they are always ordered separately from the ghost modules.
The ghost® Schaller bridge assembly is a Schaller bridge body loaded with ghost saddle pickups. They plug into the ghost system modules, and offer all the benefits of String Saver saddles too.
Simply replace your Schaller bridge with the ghost® Schaller bridge assembly, and plug into the ghost modular pickup system. This bridge has post spacing of 74mm. It comes with posts, but in most instances you can slip the bridge onto your existing posts for an easy installation


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