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Compressors are one of the best tools in a guitar players tool box, and the Reaction Compressor fulfills all the requirements for outstanding compression.

Professional players use a compressor like a secret weapon to get accomplish many things, including adding more sustain to any guitar without adding distortion, defining every note in a chord while letting it ring out, creating in your face solos, and much more.

Rocktrons Reaction Series pedals are built into a rugged metal slim form factor chassis, taking up as little space as possible on your pedalboard. The Reaction Compressor is a TRUE BYPASS pedal: when you turn it off it is out of your signal path!

Control knobs for the Reaction Compressor include SUSTAIN, which controls the amount of Compression and Release characteristics. ATTACK determines how fast the compression reacts. LEVEL controls the output volume.

Most studio compressors are big and bulky and quite difficult to set. Rocktron comes to the rescue with the Reaction Compressor. Its as easy as 1, 2, 3 to get professional results that will improve your live performances.

Heres some tips. Start by setting the ATTACK and LEVEL controls around the 12::00 oclock position. Turn the SUSTAIN from left to right in small increments while playing until you achieve the texture you are seeking. After you have found your favorite sweet spot, use the LEVEL control to fine tune your output level. Thats it! Sound check is done.

Use the Reaction Compressor as a master SOLO switch to not only define what you play but also to raise the volume! The soundman can worry about something else you have performance control!.

Typically you want to set the output level after compression has been applied so that it is the same as the pedal in True Bypass this is called unity gain (the same level from pedal on to pedal off). You may want to apply compression, and then actually add



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