Fender 1977 / 1982 Jazz Bass Black


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Tuotekoodi: K-FJB7882

PÄIVITETTY: 2.12.2021


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Rare early 80's Jazz Bass with 1977 / early-78 neck as can be seen from the headstock serial number. Neck is stamped 1982 on the heel.

Fender used the late 70's parts until 1982. These early 80's / Late 70's mash up Jazz basses are great instruments. The electronics are from '82 and the bass highly desired "black bobbin/red bobbin" set of single coil pickups. Identical to what you'd see on the first-year Fullerton vintage reissue instruments.

This bass has been a players choise but is overall in good condition. Some scratching on the body but no chipped finish. The case has cracks in three corners and plastic has little wrapping. Still protects the bass great though!

Neck is nice and smooth with black dot inlays. Back side of the neck has only minor dings, nothing notable. Frets are just polished. Some fret wear on the frets 1 to 5 with no effect on the touch.

Top of the knos have taken in some nich redish hue from the hardcase.

All in all a great vintage bass that needs to be played.

++ Rare 1977 / 1982 Fender Jazz Bass
++ Checked and ready for action!
++ 3-screw neck plate
++ Maple neck with black dots and 20 frets
++ Sought after red bobbin / black bobbin pickups
++ Fender-case in decent condition


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