Music Man 112RD Sixty Five Kitaracombo



Tuotekoodi: K-MM112RD

PÄIVITETTY: 24.9.2022



Upea Musari 112RD Sixty-Five hybrid-kombo. Vahvistimesta lähtee rapea Fender-soundi. Monipuolinen ja verrattain kevyt roudata. Kankaassa rock-uskottavaa kulumaa.

Launched in 1975, Music Man was founded by former Fender Plant Manager Forrest White, former Fender Sales Rep Tom Walker, and Leo Fender himself, with their very first product being an amplifier known as the "Sixty Five".

Being a hybrid affair, this amp matches a solid state preamp to an all tube power section, in this case EL-34s, providing plenty of headroom, with the warmth and fullness of a tube power section that can get as gritty as you want when the tubes are cooking!

Making that easier, the amp features a Hi/Lo power switch, which actually works differently than most in that it's not a 1/2 power switch, but rather a control for how much plate voltage the power tubes see, giving you control over the clean headroom where "Lo" is similar to a typical amp, and "Hi" sends a colder bias to the tubes.

Tonally, this amp is very much in Fender territory with bold, sparkly cleans and dynamic grit. A later iteration of the Sixty-Five platform, this "RD" variant features onboard Reverb and Distortion.

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