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Each Stagg cymbal is the result of years of skill and dedication passed from one generation to the next; a genuinely handmade cymbal worthy of the greatest performances.

SH Series

Affordability without compromise. Authentic hand-hammered, classically cast cymbals at a price within reach of all drummers.

DH Series

Stagg's DH (or dual-hammered) series consists of highly versatile professional cymbals for the most demanding players. Dynamic overtones, optimal projection and character.

Classic Series

Reminiscent of older Turkish models, Classic Series cymbals are noted for a fast response, generating superb low frequencies.

Furia Series

The distinctive Furia two-toned surface, obtained by a pinpoint lathing process applied to the outer edge, allows for true sounds, inspired by nature.

Myra Series

A cymbal tailor-made for the musically demanding modern rock drummer. Myras are created to make you sound your best, slashing through even the densest mix.

Black Metal Series

The BLACK METAL series represents a departure from the core Stagg cymbal sound. It focuses instead on a dry, mid-scooped response, with a strong accent on the low end harmonics, resulting in a sound as dark as its look! Highly recommended for the new breed of metal drummers.

Vintage Bronze Series

Designed with the discerning old-school player in mind, Stagg's Vintage Bronze Series cymbals offer an even response across the harmonic spectrum, with a slight emphasis on the lows. The resulting sound can be characterised as warm, dense and just the right side of dark, blending beautifully into any rock or jazz setting.

Traditional Series

T stands for traditional - an authentic range of gongs and Chines cymbals employing the centuries-old tradition of Chinese craftsmanship. Often imitated, never duplicated.

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